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Red Carpet Lashes

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Get red-carpet-ready with fabulous lashes in a flash!

A totally unique natural fibre product to give you a “Red Carpet Lash” effect in just seconds! Add dramatic length and fullness to your flutter without the need for false lashes or messy glue that can cause damage to natural lashes.

The ultimate brush-on false lashes that are made in a Medical Laboratory, for soft, natural and safe use with contact lenses. Issada’s revolutionary fibres are miniscule cellulose plant-stem fibres, which adhere to wet mascara and magically create extreme lash extensions!

APPLICATION Step 1. Apply a light coat of Issada Protein Mascara to clean, dry lashes.

Step 2. While your mascara is still wet, look downwards to apply the fibres along the edge of your natural lashes, starting from the outside and moving inwards.

Step 3. For best results wait 30 seconds and then coat the lashes and fibres with Protein Mascara. Gently wiggle the brush from side-to-side to colour and secure the fibres while maximising length and volume.

These steps can be repeated until desired effect is achieved!

To remove simply cleanse with cleanser as you would for normal mascara removal.

Key Ingredient: Plant Cellulose Fibres
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