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Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Lotion


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Lightweight and elegant in texture, nutrient rich and ultra-effective. For all skin types, especially normal and normal/combination skin.



A lotion of the future: elegant in texture, ultra effective and free of toxic impurities and chemical preservatives. A lightweight edition of Force De Vie Crème Luxe, the anti-aging moisturizer that has inspired a cult following. Force De Vie restores the “Life Force” to skin by optimizing three skin-vital functions: cellular energy, moisture balance, and nutrient utilization for a fresh, healthy-looking, radiant complexion…everyday.

Boosts cellular oxygen uptake to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis and promote microcirculation to enhance skin luminosity.

  • Brings a healthy, radiant glow to skin
  • Promotes collagen renewal and cell detoxification
  • Skin is instantly smoother, firmer
  • Diminishes signs of lines, wrinkles and other surface imperfections
  • Hydrates and repairs barrier functions

For all skin types, especially normal and normal/combination skin.

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