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Is Gommage Douceur Framboise right for me?
• Suits all skin types, especially good if yours is fine and fragile
• For those who like granular exfoliators
• For really gentle exfoliation



This melting scrub contains real raspberry seeds for super-soft exfoliation. First, during application, its gel texture transforms under your fingertips into a divine oil to capture all the impurities on your skin without harshness.
Then when you add water to rinse it off, it turns into a generous milk that leaves skin soft, comfortable and glowing.
Applying this novel transforming texture is a wonderfully sensual pleasure. It was developed to exfoliate in several stages, eliminating impurities and the dead skin cells that choke the skin’s breathing, but without upsetting its sensitivity.
Its sweet, delicate flowery scent envelops the skin in a cocoon of softness.

Once or twice a week, apply a small amount of GOMMAGE DOUCEUR FRAMBOISE onto dry skin, avoiding the fragile area around the eyes. Massage in delicately by working the fingertips in figure-of-eight movements from the base of the neck to the forehead until it turns into oil. Add a small amount of water then rinse well. Dry.
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